Playa Escondida

The Wildlife Sanctuary

With countless species living free in their natural habitat, Playa Escondida (uniquely) brings the rainforest to your front porch.
Will today bring a visit of meandering coatis or raccoons, “pizotes” and “mapaches” in Spanish, while pelicans grace the ocean sky in perfect flight formation, occasionally diving for food?
And every day brings its special offering- toucans and monkeys, sloths, iguanas and geckos... parrots and brilliantly colored birds and butterflies... unusual insects, crabs scuttling across the sands.
In season, Humpback whales are occasionally seen... these ocean waters part of their breeding / migration cycle.
Heading inland, our 60 acre preserve features principally Old Growth and secondary forest... some reforestation where trees have crashed down, native hardwoods planted to lend Nature a hand.
And two creeks flow year 'round, these pristine waters bounding down rock, glistening, seeming truly alive.

Because the main part of the reserve is home to a huge diversity of flora and fauna, it remains a strict preserve, untouched by visitors.

Playa Escondida is a Wildlife Sanctuary since 1972.

To support the Reserve, donations can be sent via paypal to: